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Every year, millions of students leave high school for various reasons though school is quite important for high school students so as to complete their improvement properly.To be active in society in terms of economics and politics high school and higher education are required.Those who choose to drop out the school are mostly high school students.When compared to high school and higher graduates,those who drop out school early have lower quality of life;lower income,and they have job that requires less education.This is claimed to be a factor that starts the cycle of poverty and causes a person to be unemployed and socially incompatible.Early School Leaving(ESL)causes increase in crime rate and anti-social behaviors.Also it damages economy.Therefore it causes both personal and social problems.It also threatens the improvement of civilizations.ESL is considered as an important issue and there are attempts to develop some strategies to reduce it in EU.Therefore it is decided to reduce ESL rates from 14% to 10% in EU(EU 2020 targets).It is emphasized that even a reduction of 1% refers to half million of qualified individuals.That is why member countries are provided guidance and assistance to develop strategies about ESL.It is emphasized in international reports that Turkey has high ESL rates.According to the EU Progress Report in 2015;it needs to increase the education levels especially for the girls and reduce the early school leaving and also increase the quality of education in all fields and improve the basic and cross skills of students.It is also emphasized in the report that absenteeism rate is high and it need to be dealt with.The preventation of ESL is caused by an internationally necessity.ESL is not something that doesn’t give any clue or doesn’t give a chance-opportunity to take measures.ESL is not instant decision.Therefore it is important to identify the steps before ESL,and develop strategies to help students have positive attitudes towards school and their school lives.According to the National Ministry of Education 2013 ESL Report;common reasons for ESL in Turkey are having negative attitude for school,in sufficient teacher support,economic reasons,the low educational level of the families,bad friendship,the unawareness of the importance of the education and academic failure.

With this project,we aim to deal with the ESL problems with different aspects(with holistic approach)with the help of the different cultures.This project presents different,effective and applicable solutions for problems related to the families,schools,and students’ social lives.The opportunities of the social interaction and cultural communication are the basics for the sustainability of the project.According to the 2014 EU Report ESL rates of the partner countries are:Spain 23,5%,Italy 17%,Portugal 20,8%,Lithuania 6,3%,Poland 5,6% and Turkey 38,3%

The mission of the project is to contribute the development of the civilization by providing qualified individuals,and the vision of the project is to contribute to aims of EU to reduce ESL rates from 14% to below 10%.Therefore,the aims of the project:

-to help students to express themselves properly

-to help student have positive attitudes to school by providing them self-expression opportunities

-to increase the academic achievements of the students via Peer learning

-to strengthen the communication between parents and children

-to support students to plan for their own future

-to reduce the absenteeism rate

-to create awareness about the necessity and importance of education

-to provide students have positive attitudes towards the lessons they fail

-to exchange the good practices/experiences developed for a better education

-to provide opportunities for students with ESL risk to gain self-confidence

-to improve ICT competences and the usage of new technologies

-to strengthen to teachers professional profiles

-to learn cooperation with different cultures

-to help student be aware of their own abilities,interests and needs

The reason for "Hi!gh SCHOOL"to be an international project is that;

Our school faced off many students requests to turn back to school,who drop out of the school for various reasons,lately.Because of the increasing requests to turn back to school,our administration decided to develop some strategies and take measures to prevent ESL in 2015-2020 School Strategic Plan.After the studies carried out by Strategic Plan Preparing Team,it is decided that ESL is not a problem that can be solved just by the attempts of school in a short time.That’s why it needs more professional,and well-prepared and international study.Therefore,EU(EU 2020targets)and it is decided to take part in Erasmus-strategical school partnership.Trainings for teachers to improve their pedagogical abilities will be carried out thanks to the cooperation with partner countries.Thus,it will contribute to more qualified and meaningful school environment for students to enjoy being part of it.

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